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As a expert of Non- ferrous metals supply. Baoji YC- Ti metal offers titanium, zirconium, nickel, tantalum, niobium and other specialty metal supply solution. Products widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, pharmacy, electroplating, aerospace, mechanical ship, Marine engineering, sports, outdoor products, daily necessities and many other fields.  
High-quality products, cost effective solutions and full service support are our main priorities. We have a complete processing technology and quality management system. Our products in accordance with GB, AS, ANSI/ASME, BS, CNS, DIN, EN, ISO, JIS and other high-standard. Also we can make parts according to customers' drawings and samples, strictly implement various international standards and industrial standards.  

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  • Zirconium
    Zirconium is a chemical element, its chemical symbol is Zr, its atomic number is 40, it is a high melting point metal, light gray. The density is 6.49g/cm3. Melting point 1852 ± 2.001 ℃, boiling point 4377 ℃. Valence + 2, + 3 and + 4.
  • Safety measures of zirconium
    Safety measures of zirconium
    Fine powder is easy to burn, sometimes it can self ignite and explode. Zirconium powder can also be burned in carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Powder will cause combustion and explosion when heated, exposed to open fire or contacted with oxidant.
  • Preparation of tantalum
    Preparation of tantalum
    Smelting method: there are many kinds of metals in tantalum niobium ore. The main steps of tantalum smelting are to decompose the concentrate, purify and separate tantalum and niobium to produce pure compounds of tantalum and niobium, and then to produce metals.
  • molybdenum
    Molybdenum (m ù) is a trace element needed by human body, animals and plants. It's silver white metal, hard and tough.
  • Physiological function of molybdenum
    Physiological function of molybdenum
    The biological properties of molybdenum are also very important. It is not only an essential trace element for plants but also for animals.
  • Sources of molybdenum in the environment
    Sources of molybdenum in the environment
    Molybdenum is more and more widely used in human activities and the combustion of molybdenum containing fossil fuels (such as coal) increases the circulation of molybdenum in the environment.